Rudi is a trai­ned Feel Good Mana­ger and star­ted his care­er at SOICON as an intern. As a dog for all­er­gy suf­fe­rers he built up a com­pre­hen­si­ve port­fo­lio of cuddling expe­ri­en­ces. In his method bas­ket the­re is always a toy mou­se and pul­ling rope avail­ab­le to keep SOICON employees agi­le. Rudi has com­ple­ted dog trai­ning and is a cer­ti­fied office dog.

Excerpt Project References

  • Incre­a­se­ment of employee awa­reness during meals through suc­cess­ful ste­aling of sau­sa­ges (SME)
  • Imple­men­ta­ti­on of a stress-free envi­ron­ment by pro­vi­ding cuddling (SME)


  • Agi­le employee management
  • Feel Good Management
  • Toy tes­ter
  • Nap coor­di­na­ti­on
  • Anti-stress trai­ning
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