Author: Corinna Bräutigam, Assistant Consultant

9th of February 2019


Networking, digitalization and process interfaces represent new challenges for companies today. DSGVO, International economic conflicts – Many external factors call for improved or even new structures and procedures.

Separated divisions must learn to cooperate more closely. This changes internal processes and workflows resulting in new opportunities as well as sources of risk.

The SOICON Quick Check gives you transparency. Recognize gaps, unused potentials and interdependencies between your IT and ERP systems as well as finance and controlling with regard to your internal control systems (ICS). This creates an action space in which risks can be reduced and new opportunities can be exploited.


The multiplicity of internal and external influencing factors make it an enormous challenge to get an overview of the totality of all processes and their dependencies. Mutual relationships between different systems, your employees, and the organization create a high level of complexity, characterized by dynamism, adaptivity, and diversity. The result: ambiguity that leads to instability and a lack of transparency.

Constant change results in a networked world with interactive subsystems, it becomes even more important to consider problems in the appropriate context and to understand their dependencies. With the SOICON Quick Check you can identify risks caused by opaque processes and solve them sustainably on your own responsibility. This gives you the opportunity to build your company on a self-controlling network of interlocking systems and measures.


The SOICON Quick Check considers your IT and ERP solutions as well as your processes and control mechanisms of finance and controlling. An in-depth look at one or more of these areas makes it possible to uncover underlying causes and issues that generate current or future vulnerabilities. Together, we will gain the necessary knowledge about your processes and measures, so that you can benefit from the competence of our experts.

Based on our initial conversation with your company representatives, we will collaborate with you to select the topics that are of immediate concern to your company. In doing so, we focus on your needs and capacities.

In a kick-off workshop and one-on-one discussions, we coordinate our information needs with the relevant department heads. In doing so, we collect qualitative data and assist those responsible in gathering quantitative data. Meanwhile, the highest discretion is always in the foreground for us. Once we have received enough information, our senior consultants will compare the actual and the customized requirements for your company and then proceed with the analysis of interdependencies. The results of the analysis will be prepared and presented by SOICON for you in a workshop. Through an interactive exchange of ideas and your input, you gain the maximum benefit from the transfer of knowledge and thus optimize your company sustainably. In the form of a final report, we will finally put together all our collected information, results and recommendations for action.

The added value for you

During the consultation process, you and your employees are sensitized for better recognition of dependencies and implementing solutions. In addition, we document the newly acquired knowledge about the processes and dependencies in your company and make them available to you in their entirety. In this way, you promote your internal competences and develop your company and its independence. We guarantee the sustainability of the advice even after completion of the project.

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