Author: Anja Schiffer-Schmitz, Head of Backoffice

20th of December 2018

Hey there, I am Rudi! I have been working at SOICON since the 23rd of September 2017. At the age of two months I had my first internship. High achiever in an overachieving industry. Now I have my own workspace in the office – a true consultant on four paws.

From Monday to Thursday it’s very quiet in our office at the Zeughausstrasse. Most of us are working at our clients’ location, giving me enough time to think about what to try out next. By now I figured out that there is electricity in the sockets, paper towels taste especially good and there are always some leftovers in the dishwasher. The key is just to wait for the right moment and snap quickly. Quick wins are simply the tastiest.

On the side, I visit the dog school regularly. Training is important. At least that’s what I hear at the office very often. Thus, I am currently writing a dissertation with the topic “education of mankind”.

However, the education of humans is not as easy as one might think. SOICONese think a lot in numbers and play with Excel, but they still need to learn how important (and most of all fun) it is to hunt a squeaking toy through the office.

On Friday everyone is here and plays with me. But, consultant fellows, there is no messing around with food! One day I snapped food from the table. It was the chicken of the boss!

I am great at change management: By now everyone is greeting me first when I enter the room. Exactly how it is supposed to be.
Sometimes I work from home. On these days all my colleagues are sad. I think they are happy having me in the office. It’s because I have the right priorities. My next step is to implement naps. Being petted and entertained all day is really tiring!

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