Aut­hor: Kira Gode­hardt, Consultant

22nd of Novem­ber 2019

Anyo­ne who has alrea­dy worked in Human Resour­ces knows the issue: A job fair is up! But how do you stand out from the crowd? How do you get can­di­da­tes to your own booth and then find the one need­le you’­re loo­king for in a haystack?

Espe­cial­ly when the total num­ber of employees in your own com­pa­ny can’t even keep up with the num­ber of office dogs at the other exhi­bi­tors? We at SOICON have tried it out and gai­ned ama­zing insights into the world of job fairs. So — How to job fair? 5 hacks for ever­yo­ne who, like us, wants to reach high and find new talents:

#1 Interaction sells!

Whe­ther karao­ke, foos­ball, cot­ton can­dy or pop­corn machi­nes, uti­li­ze tools for inter­ac­tion. No mat­ter if you invi­te poten­ti­al can­di­da­tes to join you for a kicker game or the boys and girls of the 9th gra­de, who are on their way on the job infor­ma­ti­on day, are con­fis­ca­ting your foos­ball. The­re is lots of traf­fic at your booth and that makes it inte­res­ting for visi­tors. You will see that you won’t be alo­ne at your booth again.

#2 Selfmade Goodies!

Yes, it takes a lot of time, but visi­tors love it when they see that some­thing was crea­ted spe­ci­fi­cal­ly for that one day and the­re­fo­re spe­ci­fi­cal­ly for them. Pens, dex­tro­se or prin­ted fab­ric bags are givea­ways at almost every booth. Be crea­ti­ve and abo­ve all, give your goo­dies a per­so­nal touch. Hand­writ­ten, short messages have a huge impact on poten­ti­al candidates. 

#3 Videos

Sound and vide­os appeal to all of us. An “About us video” is always an effec­ti­ve way to pre­sent yourself, your stra­te­gy and your employees. Short state­ments of your employees give insights into the working atmo­s­phe­re “at home”. Pho­tos of your office will also make the visi­tors want more. At the same time, you can inte­gra­te your com­pa­ny stra­te­gy, but it needs to be com­pres­sed well in order to tar­get poten­ti­al can­di­da­tes. Under­line ever­ything with music and peop­le will stop inte­res­ted at your booth just becau­se of the sound and the moving pic­tures. They will take a short break and have a look, which will cor­re­spon­din­gly sim­pli­fy initia­ting the first contact. 

#4 Dog Content!

We noti­ce it again and again: Our Rudi is a star! Adver­ti­se with your office dogs, cats or llamas. Nowa­days stress at work is a hot topic. What could be bet­ter than an office dog with whom you can play and relax a bit during your break?! Anyo­ne who has an office dog knows what we are tal­king about. Use pic­tures or vide­os to mar­ket your Feel-Good Mana­ger offen­si­ve­ly and to pro­mo­te a posi­ti­ve office climate. 

#5 Be approachable 

What sounds so simp­le is always a pro­blem for exhi­bi­tors at many job fairs. Just stand in the ais­le and speak to the peop­le of your own accord. You will be sur­pri­sed what inte­res­ting con­ver­sa­ti­ons you will have. Don’t hide behind the coun­ter and wait for peop­le to address you. Redu­ce the visi­tors’ inhi­bi­ti­ons about approa­ching you and find your dream can­di­da­te or perhaps a new client. 

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