Aut­hor: Felix Güß­feld, Assistant Con­sul­tant

24th of Juli 2019

The­re are col­le­agues who can do ever­y­thing with just a few clicks. The­se 4 short­cuts help you save time and con­cen­tra­te on the real­ly important things:

  1. CTRL‑D: Always too many tabs open, but afraid to clo­se them? Sim­ply press Ctrl‑D to book­mark imme­dia­te­ly. This way you can access it again and again and final­ly clean up your browser.
  2. Alt-Arrow: You lost your ori­en­ta­ti­on in the search engi­ne jungle? Links and clicks lead you to a new topic, the brow­ser histo­ry gets lon­ger and at some point the over­view is lost, but the­re was this important page in bet­ween. By pres­sing the Alt-arrow key you can easi­ly scroll back and forth.
  3. CTRL‑W: The screen is bul­ging over with pro­grams, docu­ments and fol­ders open? With Ctrl‑W you clo­se the curr­ent­ly ope­ned win­dow wit­hout a mou­se click and get peace of mind. But don’t for­get to use Ctrl‑S to save the document.
  4. CTRL-Shif­t‑T: Here is the res­cue for all mul­ti-tab users. Who doesn’t know it – you could final­ly get yours­elf to clo­se a tab and then it hap­pens: The who­le brow­ser was clo­sed and the tabs were dele­ted. Don’t panic, with Ctrl-Shif­t‑T you can res­to­re recent­ly clo­sed tabs (in the Goog­le Chro­me Brow­ser). Just save it as a book­mark for secu­ri­ty afterwards.

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