Aut­hor: Anja Schif­fer-Schmitz, Head of Backoffice

20th of Decem­ber 2018

Hey the­re, I am Rudi! I have been working at SOICON sin­ce the 23rd of Sep­tem­ber 2017. At the age of two months I had my first intern­ship. High achie­ver in an overa­chie­ving indus­try. Now I have my own workspace in the office – a true con­sul­tant on four paws.

From Mon­day to Thurs­day it’s very quiet in our office at the Zeug­haus­stras­se. Most of us are working at our cli­ents’ loca­ti­on, giving me enough time to think about what to try out next. By now I figu­red out that the­re is elec­tri­ci­ty in the sockets, paper towels tas­te espe­ci­al­ly good and the­re are always some lef­to­vers in the dish­wa­sher. The key is just to wait for the right moment and snap quick­ly. Quick wins are sim­ply the tastiest.

On the side, I visit the dog school regu­lar­ly. Trai­ning is important. At least that’s what I hear at the office very often. Thus, I am curr­ent­ly wri­ting a dis­ser­ta­ti­on with the topic “edu­ca­ti­on of mankind”. 

Howe­ver, the edu­ca­ti­on of humans is not as easy as one might think. SOICONe­se think a lot in num­bers and play with Excel, but they still need to learn how important (and most of all fun) it is to hunt a squea­king toy through the office.

On Fri­day ever­yo­ne is here and plays with me. But, con­sul­tant fel­lows, the­re is no mes­sing around with food! One day I snap­ped food from the table. It was the chi­cken of the boss!

I am gre­at at chan­ge manage­ment: By now ever­yo­ne is gree­ting me first when I enter the room. Exact­ly how it is sup­po­sed to be.
Some­ti­mes I work from home. On the­se days all my col­le­agues are sad. I think they are hap­py having me in the office. It’s becau­se I have the right prio­ri­ties. My next step is to imple­ment naps. Being pet­ted and enter­tai­ned all day is real­ly tiring!

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